Hardwood floor supplies

Accessory brands

Albert Floorotex Logo

Our premier floor protective roll. It is waterproof, breathable, non-slip, non-tear, and reusable. Made out of recycled PET fibers with a slightly adherent spray-on adhesive on the underside. Perfect for hardwood floors.

Airwood Flooring Accessories Logo

Based in Niagara Falls, Canada since 1998, Airwood makes air vents for hardwood floors that tie in beautifully to the flooring around them.

Beno Gundlach Logo

Since 1927, Beno J. Gundlach Company has been committed to providing quality flooring installation products. In addition to the products we manufacture, we have strategically partnered with companies whose philosophy and quality is consistent with ours. We seek out and develop products that are innovative and add value to the industries we serve.

L & L Hardwoods Logo

L&L Hardwood is a Chicago-based manufacturer of solid hardwood accessories such as flooring, molding, stair trims, needed to make your hardwood project complete.

Unity Hardwoods Logo

Unity is an unfinished solid hardwood flooring brand that manufactures in Illonois, on the southwest side of Chicago. As a solid hardwood, each plank is made from only one type of wood, meaning they can be refinished 4 - 5 times before ever needing replacement.