Hardwood floor supplies

Stain & Finish Brands

Basic Coatings Logo

Basic Coatings is a water-based finish brand that Treeco carries to give our contractors more selection. Two key products we carry are Emulsion Pro+, a multi-purpose self-levelling sealer/finish and StreetShoe NXT, a high-traffic waterbased finish that contains UV inhibitors.

Bono logo

Bona is the top brand for hardwood finishing supplies that all contractors rely on. With a huge range of products that includes stains, fillers, finishes, abrasives, and even edge sanders, Bona has a system that works together to get the job done right.

Duraseal Logo

DuraSeal is the choice of contractors in polyurethane stains. Blending oil and resin gives hardwoods a soft, satiny sheen, DuraSeal has a huge variety of colours, and bonds to the wood in a way that won't scratch or wear away. It can be used with or without a finish coat.

PoloPlaz Logo
Poloplaz Supreme is a premium modified polyurethane finish. It is distinguished by its high solids content for that extra gloss build. Supreme’s long open time allows the finish to be rolled on to eliminate streaks and lap marks.