Treeco is a Canadian wholesale hardwood flooring distributor. We proudly sell a wide variety of wood flooring products and brands to our trade partners. We provide solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). We also sell related supplies and equipment.

We serve two main customer types: 1) professional flooring installation contractors and 2) flooring retail stores. That said, we also assist interior designers and architects in specifying product, although we refer them one of our two main customer groups when they go to purchase. We do not sell directly to the consumer, nor to general contractors, builders, or renovators. This is simply because these groups are customers to our customers, so we are very careful to respect that boundary.

In fact, we’re all about getting back to you immediately, having a one-stop shop fully stocked, carefully curating the quality of everything we sell, and keeping our prices as low as possible through operational efficiencies.


We were founded by a small group of friends who came from the lumber and building products industry back in 1996. Our head office is in Calgary, and over the years we have expanded to multiple, fully-staffed, dedicated warehouses.

Originally known as the “Timber Realization Company” our name was soon shortened to “TRC Distribution”. In late 2021, we decided to give our brand a more memorable spin, so by adding just a few vowels, we are excited to now be known under our new, current brand name, Treeco. (We were going to spell it TReeCo, but that was way too much work to type.)


Our mission is to be a distributor that offers a seamless experience with your business. This means our inventory is as accessible as your inventory, our staff can be trusted just like your staff, and your customers are just as important as our customers.


We work as a team. We don’t just tell our staff to think like a team, we also offer team profit-sharing, so everyone helps each other succeed. When we bring in new accounts, and get orders fulfilled promptly, we all feel excited to be part of the success.

We’re transparent. In part to enable the profit-sharing as a team, we share our financials with all our staff. We also self-insure our staff benefits, so can be very flexible with our benefit coverage.

The customer is first. We make sure all our staff know that our customers’ businesses are relying on us being able to get them the right product, and fast. If we don’t have it, they can’t sell it. We train our staff not to say, “sorry we don’t have it,” but rather “I’ll get right to work getting this for you and call you back.” One of our favourite sayings is “No customer gets left behind!”

Everybody becomes an expert. We train every person here in deep product knowledge. Rather than “I don’t know” it’s “I’ll find out.” This way, everyone gets better all the time. We tell our staff that there are no stupid questions!

Staff work with us, not for us. We don’t believe in hierarchy. Everyone has an important job here. We invest in training everyone under the assumption that they’ll be with us for the long term. We also celebrate daily achievements, whether large or small.

“Protect this house.” This is another favourite saying – it means that all staff are expected to follow the same policies and procedures to keep our company safe from risk. Our staff knows this is part of having a long successful career here.

Good comes from bad. We cannot always stop incidents from happening, but we can always handle them the best possible way. It’s these moments of truth that you can show a customer how much you really care, and often win their trust on a whole other level.

Good ideas come from everywhere. Whether it’s a customer, a new employee, a supplier, or a competitor, we seek out new ideas wherever we go. There is no patent on a good idea.

Never say never, and never say always. We’ve been in business long enough to know things can and will always change. If you’ve got something to sell us or show us, be tenacious, and you’ll get your shot.

Environmentally conscious and safe for homes. We won’t sell a product we wouldn’t install in our own homes. We also source products that are environmentally conscious. We follow the strictest industry standards (currently California standards, AKA “CARB 2” which exceed Canadian environmental ones) and monitor all our manufacturers for this same environmental and formaldehyde compliance. Scroll Down to read more about our Sustainability policy.

We warranty all our products. Rather than pass our customers over to manufacturers on warranty claims, we take responsibility for all warranty claims ourselves. If we later must argue with the manufacturer, it’s never our customer’s problem, because they’ve already been looked after.


Paul Phillips Photo

Paul Phillips

Darcy McLeod Photo
Darcy McLeod
Managing Partner


Conor Karperien Photo
Conor Karperien
Branch Manager
Matt Gray Photo
Matt Gray
Account Manager
John Cote Photo
John Cote
Warehouse Manager
David Berard Photo

David Berard

Account Manager & Customer Service Specialist
Robyn Phillips Photo

Robyn Phillips

Customer Service Specialist
Travis McMillan Photo

Travis McMillan

Customer Service Specialist
Manny Sharma photo
Manny Sharma
Customer Service Specialist
Danica Christiansen Photo

Danica Christiansen

Warehouse Associate


Neil Humphrey Photo
Neil Humphrey
Account Manager
Chad Collins Photo

Chad Collins

Operations Manager
Bruce MacGregor Photo

Bruce MacGregor

Customer Service Specialist
Jamie Palmer Photo

Jamie Palmer

Purchaser/Logistics Coordinator
Nick Pilip Photo

Nick Pilip

Warehouse Manager


Brad Scott photo
Brad Scott
Branch Manager
Matt Gray Photo
Matt Gray
Account Manager
Ryan MacDonald Photo
Ryan MacDonald
Account Manager
Andrew Gillespie Photo

Andrew Gillespie

Account Manager
Josh McGrath Photo

Josh McGrath

Account Manager & Customer Service Specialist
Michael Sarte Photo
Michael Sarte
Warehouse Manager
Andrea Muxlow Volk Photo

Andrea Muxlow-Volk

Customer Service Specialist
Manjinder Dhak Photo
Manjinder Dhak
Customer Service Specialist
Grem Ebajo Photo
Grem Ebajo
Warehouse Associate


Robyn Phillips Photo

Robyn Phillips

Account Manager - Ontario


While we have always held the hardwood products we well to the highest environmental standards (not just the Canadian minimums), we are now moving beyond this to consider our sustainability impact on a broader scale.
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The most unique thing about Treeco is that we train and retain our staff exceptionally well. This has given us the most knowledgeable, service-driven team in the business. Many of us have worked as flooring installers ourselves, and we know the products first-hand. But we look for anyone with an excellent attitude and work ethic.

We are always keeping our eyes open for strong new team members. Feel free to apply with your resume, regardless of the jobs listed.

Worker in a wood warehouse
Customer Service Specialist
Delta, BC Location